Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who needs a Drive In anyway!

Fun in the backyard! We spend many hours out in OUR yard. We have done some much needed work. For example, The nice wood fence Owen and Matty built. Which I am so in love with! Before there was a chain link fence. Our neighbors yard is a big eye sore and they have 3 barking dogs. So to say the least I love that we can use our yard and not be barked to death. I trimmed the tree that is pictured this weekend. Before it was so over grown. Now it looks like a tree and not a bush.
On this new fence of ours we are going to paint a mural. It is shown on the fence in this photo. Owen and I traced the image and the guys are going to paint it on Thursday. It will look super cool as the fence weathers! Are you surprised that it is a bike theme image? I'm not. We love our bikes.
Today when I got home Owen was on a mission to find this cord he needed. It hooks into his iPod and then into the projector. It took a while to find but once he did it is so cool! Now we can plug in his iPod and watch the movies that he records on his iPod. We also found that it works with the iPhone. You can watch YOUTUBE (Or any video on your phone) on the projector. So who needs a Drive In anyway? We have our own in our backyard. More photos of the yard to come as we do more work!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RIP Mikey

We had MIKEY since Owen's first birthday after we where married. So over 4 years. He was just a feeder fish I got at Petsmart. We would come a kiss your finger when you feed him. He liked to be alone. He didn't like sharing his tank. Such a fun fish. He lived in the kitchen and although it is sad he is gone I am happy about having my counter back!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project Redo

Our friend Jason handed a set of four chairs down to use. The before is pretty scary!
But look at the Redo! It is so nice now that all four chairs are done and looking stylish!
I had the fabric on hand. I buy fabric sometimes and keep it for when I have a project. I bought a yard of clear vinyl and we added a bit of new foam. Some sandpaper and a couple cans of spray paint and this is what you get! I am proud of how they came out! Much better.