Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are any of you as excited about Thanksgiving as I am?  I am getting some time off and that makes me happy!   I love these cartons:) 

I Heart HOBO!

I have been work'n hard and girl needs a little reward.  Right?  So I have never had a fancy designer bag before and thought my time was well over due.  So I picked this bag.  I love the bright color and it holds a ton of stuff.  Oh, and I got it for whole sale!  Got to love that:)  As you get older isn't it about quality vs quanity?  

Monday, November 17, 2008

Now that I have Saved!

I know some of you can relate.  I am always looking for a fun and edgy shoe.  A pair that I can stand in and work in comfortably.  So I went into MINT shoe store in Hillcrest and saw these shoes.  I just had to add them to my collection!  I LOVE them.  They also come in a slate grey color.  I am thinking about going and getting the other color.  Would that be to much?  They are so comfy.  They are black suead, the pic doesn't show the true color.   I havn't been able to take them off my feet.  I would love your opinion. 

Coupons equal Cash

I have always loved the idea of coupons.  I love the money saving side of coupons.  I never really thought about it until I heard a lady say, "Coupons Equal Cash."  When I buy a sunday paper it saves me so much money every week.  I have started to shop wiser and watch the ads. I try to only buy what is on sale.  Every week each store has different stuff on sale.  Yes it is a bit much driving all over. So I shop at Ralphs because its close and they double coupons up to a $1.00.  For dry goods and stuff for the house I shop at CVS.  They pay me to shop there.  Pretty cool.  If you want to know more go to and find out about there Extra Bucks Rewards.   So I had to show you all it is worth pulling and cutting the coupons you find in the paper.  I saved over $100. Tell me that isn't worth a little effert!   And if you aren't going to use your coupons then send them my way, Please:)  If any of you want to learn more and want to see how you can get things for free just ask!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Mills are coming!

ADAM & OLEA-      I am so excited you are coming out for Thanksgiving!  We are going to have a blast!!!
I am sad you don't live closer to me.  
You better bring your party hat!!! Only 2 weeks.  I want to have a dessert party while your here!  It will be delicious!  Olea is Owen's sister for those of you who don't know already!