Monday, November 26, 2007


I am right there with you Jen, I love to decorate. My house is no where near as fabulous as yours but I am beginning to buy things I like. Owen and I decided to get a mini tree this year. It is silver and I can't wait to put it up. Owen says wait until December. So I will. He isn't much for decorations. I do it for me. So our church had an enrichment activity where the women in the ward donated items to have a service auction. I donated a hair cut. Others made bread and cookies. Some made blankets and pillow cases. The list goes on and on. So I bid on a coupon that said "Holiday Floral arrangement" for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I won. I got the chose between the holidays. I picked Christmas. Susan the women that was going to make it. Asked me if I would like a wreath. I said yes. She then asked me what colors. I sad Blue, Pink, and Silver. What I got is amazing!

I was wanting a nice nativity scene. I looked on ebay today and found a lot of ugly sets. I went to the thrift store and this is the set I found. I am quite pleased:) I have a way with thrift stores. I find some pretty cool stuff!

New Project

So I found the perfect sewing machine! I love it. I am enjoying this fancy new machine because my Mom thought it would be nice to help me get a new machine. She is the best! So here she is with all her bells and whisels. I can sew with or without a foot pedal. It has a start stop button. So cool. You can select the speed you want as well. I am in love. And smooth during sewing.

I have started a new project. Thanks to Mom again I am trying a new quilt pattern. Twisted sister. It was tricky with the first block but I seemed to catch on pretty fast. I have 10 or so blocks donw and I only have worked on it a few hours on 2 different days. My last quilt was polka dots and this one is Rockabilly! Fun. I want to do a western one and I have the fabric to do the pattern Happy hour. So I am booked up with quilt projects:) It is really a lot of fun. If you want to learn you should take a class. I have only taken 1 class. I will show pictures of my progress.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I wish there was Thanksgiving twice a year! The food is so good and being with friends and family! I wish the US would slow down. It was so cool to seee everything closed. I wish it was like that every sunday. Well that won't happen but I can dream. So I hope you all had a fun and relaxing day! Now that we all stuffed ourselves be careful when excerising! I hope you like my poem:) An those of you that are going out on Black Friday to shop, your crazy!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


So I guess you all really want to know about about silly me.

So ten years ago... was 1997! My last year of high school. I was just beginning to come out of what I call the ugly duckling stage. I was feeling good and excited to be done with school. I was working at Albertson's bagging groceries. I was working hard and saving money to go back to Europe on a back packing trip. Alone! I was living at home still with my brothers. Who drove my almost crazy at times. I drove a blue station wagon with fake wood paneling from the late 80's. I wish I still had that body! But I'm not doing to bad for 10 years out. So I have included a picture of me that appeared in the school news paper. My Senior prom picture and a drawing a friend of mine did of my senior picture. Sorry for the bad photos I had to take pictures of the pictures. I mean 10 years ago we didn't even know what digital was:)

Five years ago: 2002

It is a blur in my mind and couldn't really find any pictures from that year... I know that I was attending SDSU. Spending tons of time in the Jewelery studio and working at Belmont and Zocalo grill. I was supper busy. That's probably why I don't recall much. I know I was single and dating a lot. Hanging out with my girls, Mandy, Michelle and Emily. Man I miss them.

One year ago...2006

We celebrated 2 years of marriage and had a blast in Big Bear for a long weekend. We went to see Owen's family in Bellingham, WA for the Fourth of July. That is the best. Blowing up stuff and making sparkler bombs. The 4th at Owen's parents is crazy. They live on an Indian reservation and so the Indians sell fireworks. Some all year and some starting in May. So everyone has fireworks and sets them off all the time. But the night of the 4th is so noisy and fun!

I also started beauty school. The best decision I ever made. I am so glad that I found the right career for me!

What I would do with a million dollars?
  1. Buy a house!
  2. Buy a 1957 Chevy wagon.
  3. Take us to Europe
  4. Own my own Salon
  5. Build Owen a really big garage for all his toys
  6. Give money to charity
  7. Put someone through college.

My Favorite shows:

  1. Lost
  2. House Hunters
  3. Animal Cops
  4. What not to wear

5 Places I rather be:

  1. Germany, With Owen Of Course
  2. Fiji, W/ Owen
  3. In a house I owned
  4. On a scrapbooking cruise with all my BOG Girls!
  5. Magic Mountian

Favorite Snacks:

  • Cheese and cracker
  • fiddle faddle
  • cookies
  • nuts any kind
  • tuna salad

Tag you're it:

  • Olea
  • Jessica
  • Ben
  • Natalie

Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Time

So now that I have a new job I have no time. I am working 40 hours a week at the salon on top of managing the apartments. I start at 6am and hit the pillow around 10:30 and am running the whole time. I am so excited to have so many wonderful friends and clients that keep me so busy. But tonight I am watching a movie in bed. I probably will fall asleep but either way is a plus. I got a new sewing machine and can't wait to use it but no time. I took it out of the box and that's it. I didn't even have the energy to go see my BOG girls tonight:( So I hope to blog more once I have caught my breath. Kisses and hugs:)

Friday, November 9, 2007

I Have a License

Nov. 8th forever recorded in time. I went and conquered! Kelly and I left around 11 am on Wed. got to Glendale around 1pm. Went to the kit company and checked my kit. I got more towels and paper towel. Really they are called SMAs. Then we went to the hotel. The Golden Key. It was cute. Construction all around us but by 4 or so it was quiet. We then went to the Glendale Galleria. This huge mall. I bought a pair of pumps. In typical Melinda fashion. i got them on sale and they are rad. So then we went and ate Mongolian BBQ. So good. You pile your bowl has high as you can get the food to balance and that is your portion. Some people had so much food. It could have feed 4 people.

Then we went back to the hotel and I gave Kelly a mani and a pedi. She asked me questions out of my state board review book. I read another study guild from cover to cover. We tried to watch Legally Blond but the vcr didn't work in our room. Oh well. So we got ready for bed and turned out the lights. Of course I toasted and turned for a bit and finally drifted into sleep.

5:00 AM Bep bep bep... I'm up.

Now the butterflies have found their home inside me. So we get ready go eat and then headed to the kit company to get my kit. Oh and my very cute white lap coat. I wish I had a picture. Then we went into 710 South Central Blvd. up to the 4th floor and was herded in to a hall way with everyone and there models. We then filed into a room and they assigned you a station. I got really lucky. I was in a room with 8 girls and the examiner was really nice. Well I felt she was nice. So that put me at ease.

7:45 You may begin...

Prep Disinfection

Thermal press n curl

Haircut with scissors

Soft perm


Silk rap

Break for 20 min.

P.D. test

Tint going lighter

Finger wave SB Set


You get 4 hours and 15 min to do all of that. A lot of people don't finish. My goal was to finish everything and I did. I had the perfect rhythm and finish everything with only 5 minutes to spear. But I didn't make any mistakes. Then they make you clean and pack up your kit. Dismiss the models and then it was lunch time/ return the kit. So I think I ate my Subway BMT in 3.5 min. flat. I was so hungry after the morning test. I felt a head ache coming on. I thought I need to eat and I did. But I thought it would go away. No it hit me hard when I was on question 40 out of 100. It was one of those head aches you get that blurs your vision. It sucked. So I said a prayer, sucked it up finished and reviewed my test. I knew 90 of the questions I got right and only guessed on 10. So I knew I had passed.

Then the waiting game. They announced the results at 3 pm. So I had to wait 45 min. between finishing the test and finding out I passed. I knew there was no way that I had failed. But you thinking that and have a license is two different things.

There are 2 stacks of papers. The first stack has a pink paper on the back. Those people didn't pass. The other stack is the stack of incenses they give to those who pass. I was the 3 or 4 person to get called up to receive my license. You must leave the building right away and you have to be quiet because they are testing other people at that time. So you are just waiting to get downstairs so you can scream and shout!

What a day! Kelly was so much fun and the perfect model. Thanks Kelly. I couldn't have done it with out you. Let's celebrate!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You May Begin

So I am leaving town today with my model Kelly! We are on our way to LA. I am nerves but confident. I know all my hard work will pay off. So pray for me that everything will go according to the plan. So tomarrow at 7:15 am the words will be said, "You may begin." That is when my heart will start to race. I will take a deep breath, and jump into taking this long test!See everyone when we get back!