Monday, August 10, 2009

Sixtyith Street 2

We love to bring to outside in with lots of house plants. Green is in!
Our small collection. The other day I was giving a haircut to a friend in the empty dinning room and he said, "Why do you have two of everything?" Owen and I couldn't stop laughing. We said , "Because they are salt and pepper shakers." To funny.
I love family photos! But I don't like them scatered everywhere so I have all our photos on one big shelf. I love the way it looks.
As many of you know we love cactus and succulents. This is my mini cactus garden that hangs in my living room. More photos to come soon.

Sixtyith Street 1

We live on a canyon. This is our backyard. Our lot is very deep and has a ton of potential!
This is the office/ guest room.
In the family room. To the right you see a pinkish room that is the dinning room. But we don't have a table so it is empty.
Kitchen we need a new stove. When that comes I will post more pics.

Zenith Zefer

I still can't believe this was given to us theis weekend! We went over to a friends house to look at a few chairs she was wanting to get rid of. We brought a dozen eggs with us from our chickens. She said she wanted some eggs for the chairs. So we get there and we didn't want the chairs so I gave her the eggs any way. She was showing us around and she said , " That is a radio from the 1930's it works, do you want it?" We said yes so fast! And in ten minutes it was in the back of our truck. Thanks Annetta!! We LOVE it!

Palm Springs -Chase Hotel

I had a Saterday off so We booked a desert get away for the weekend. After the move and working our butts off we needed a weeken to our selfs. It was HOT but so much fun. We went to dinner on Friday after checking in. Owen was super happy about the large plate of cookies at the front desk for the taking. I think he took one every time we walked by! Then on Saterday we had breakfast at the hotel and then went out shopping. Palm springs is full of Mid Century Modern so we went to drule a little. After that we went swimming in a really warm pool. Took naps and then had a massage!

We then went to dinner at Native Foods. A vegan restuarant. The food is so good! Later we went to the Dollar Theater and saw The Brothers Bloom. The next day we went to breakfast with an old friend of mine. Meet my Mom for church. After church my Mom made a very yummy dinner and my brothers and my niece came over. Justin turned 28 so we say to him and had cake! Busy but a blast we had. Monday came way to fast!

I loved the hotel. It was modern and small which I love. Plus they upgraded our room for us! Perfect weekend. Thanks Owen. I love you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We love Plain Tart and Taro!
MoM and Me:) I think she has a bigger sweet tooth then me!

Owen and I love eating out and treating ourselves to yogurt. I say it is non- fat and some of the flavors are sugar free. You then top your yogurt with all kinds of yummy toppings. But its healthy, right. Better then maybe Cold stone? Well we find ourselves and other we know there about once a week. As a minimum. So if you havn't gone yet then it's a must!