Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ahoy matey

Halloween is the best day ever. Well at least we enjoy it. We were Sailors. Owen Said tonight, "I have always wanted to see you in a sailor outfit." So now he has:) Last night we made goody bags for our friends and trick or treaters. We got dressed and went on a Halloween tour. We set out to treat our friends. They all were so thrilled to have us show up. We where a hit, I think. We made it by our church parking lot where they held a trunk or treat. Nicole and Jenn were totally like awesome. Nicole's niece was dressed like Elvis. By far my favorite little kid costume this year.

I hope that everyones sweet tooth has been satisfied tonight!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I love Balboa Park

This past weekend we went to Balboa Park with our friends Andreu and Shawna. They treated us to an IMAX movie. It was pretty neat. I want to go back and see the one about coral reefs. It's like you are watching a movie on the inside of a bubble. Before the movie we went walking around. Tried to go to the photography museum but they where closed early for a wedding they were going to have there. My favorite is the photo booth inside the gift shop. We wanted to take our picture in the black and white booth but like I said they had closed. So we went over to the botanical garden. They have some awesome flowers. I love the huge orchids they have there. We want to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls the next time we go. They say this is the only time to see it, once its gone it is going into storage.

Picture 2 is in front of an Angle Trumpet tree outside the garden.

Picture 1 is inside the garden.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's Done

I have sewn all the binding by hand yesterday and today and it is DONE! I am in love. It came out quite nice I think. I have fabric to start the next one. I have chosen cherries on a black background with black and white checker and a red and white piece and cheeta print with a black back. I can't wait to start that one! I smell an addiction coming on!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Money Money

This morning I had to call the owner of the salon where I had a lead on a job. So we could talk details. I start on the first at 8:30! Training. So I will work 5 days a week. Everyother Saterday I can take clients and after my reception shift during the week. So I am so happy because I get to work on commission but still be making an hourly wage for working the desk. Which will be great because this means, Money Money! I am so excited to see how much money I really can make. We have lived on such a little budget for so long it will be so nice to have a little more wiggle room. We all wish for that! I am so excited to be getting so close to be working behind the chair! For pay, working for free SUCKS! I love the location of the salon. I am going to be working at Denise Barrow Salon. It is on 5th Ave. Near Balboa Park. So pray that everything go well for me on the 8th of Nov. when I go to take my State Board!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I have been working on a guilt for the last 2 weeks and it is finally coming to a finish. I a so excited to have it done. It is all polk a dot. As soon as it is done I will post pictures. It is hot pinks and aqua blues. I love circles and have found quilt patterns that allow me to express my love of circles. Sewing is so much fun. It's art that is functional. I have made many things on my old Singer sewing machine. My mom gave me my early early christmas present for 2008. Money for me to get a new sewing machine. I just want a machine that will last nothing with a 1oo bells a wissles. If you quilt and have any patterns you wouldn't mind sharing let me know. It is so much fun. I have been on a big sewing kick. I have sewn 3 pillow shames, a table runner, my quilt, and some pillow cases. once you start you see things in the store and start to say,"I can make that!" It would be cuter and better quality and probably cheaper to make then to buy.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

See's Candy

Let me just say, See's candy is my favorite! I love the key-lime truffle. The carmel patties and well all of them. I like bitting into a piece of chocalate just to be comforted with the amazing taste bursting in your mouth. You all should try See's!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Viva Mexico

I have to say the a week vacation does a body good! I had sooo much fun getting away. Even though Owen stayed home to hold the fort down. I needed it bad. I finishe school and was ready to drop. My mom invited me to come down to the boat. So I did. I slept in, watched at least 2 movies a day and sewed on a bunch of projects that I had hanging over me. I got all of my sewing done. So know I can start more. I need to start to scrapbook a little more. I am getting behind. So in Mexico I realized a few things. For one it humbled me. The Mexican people live with much less then we do. They are paid so little but everything costs about the same as it does in the US with the exception of food. Life is simple there. I should be greatful for all I have and not focus on what I don't. For example a house. My apartment is BIG compaired to the homes I saw. I have no worry about where my water and gas come from, its just there.

Another lesson is to be prepared. My mom is so organized and she plans and keeps lists. I should use what I have (food) before I run to the store. My mom writes on all her dry food when she bought it so she knows how old it is.

Owen asked my mom to take pictures of me in my swimsuit on the black sand beach. They came out so nice. I framed one for Owen and he was super happy. He missed me a lot. More then I thought he would. He said life isn't the same when I'm not here. That says it all. So now it is time to get back to work and study and I will be going to school the next 2 weeks to drill for State Board.
- Pics: My mom & Bill's boat
Desert landscape
Pangas-fishing boats

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The end is coming

I never thought school would ever end but in fact the end is coming. I have learned a lot and hope it is enough to pass state board! Which is Nov. 8th. I have to go to Glendale to take my big test and if all goes according to plan I will have my licence that very day. I am happy to be finishing. I now have another accomplishment, oh does it feel good. And I did really well academically. I am the first of my class to graduate. And that is due to good attendance. I love learning and am sure I will find something else I want to know about.

So I will just say it now, if you don't see me much until after the 8th you now know why:) Thanks for all the support and love.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Wanda Jackson

On Saturday I went to the Adam's Ave. St. Fair. We went to go see Wanda Jackson. So was so amazing! She is the first woman of rockabilly! She is in her 80's and still rock'n out. I hope I am still rock'n as hard as she does when I'm her age. I think it is so cool she came to San Diego and gave a free concert. I felt really lucky to see her perform. She started touring with Elvis and even dated him for a year. She had so many great stories. I feel like I traveled back into the 50's. She wore a white tassel shirt that only she could get away with wearing. But then again what does the queen of rockabilly suppose to wear when she is in her 80's? I bought her new cd. She made a cd titled Rememering Elvis. It is a good listen. As Wanda would say,"Rock On!"


I am in love with my life! I have been married for 3 years. It has been so much fun. I love my husband. He is the best thing I have. I know from the beginning life will be fun with Owen. Between the motorcycles and love of guns it gave Owen the edge I liked. He makes me feel so loved and specials. I am so lucky. I thank the Lord everyday for him. He make me want to be better. If it is this good for eternity, I won the Lottery!