Saturday, May 31, 2008


Gardening is going to be our new hobby.  Since we have the space and the landlord is so nice.  She is all about us growing veggies and flowers.  So we have been thinking about getting a few chickens.  Since we can't have a cat or a dog.  They don't live in the house and they give you 1 egg a day each. 

So we chose not to get cable and so far we have kept busy with the house and yard.  So we went to a nursery today to look at some plants.  We found 2 rose bushes we had to have.  They each have such beautiful roses.  I am going to plant a morning glory at the back fence, away from the veggie garden.  But it is going to be so nice.  

So while at the nursery I saw a few water lily's! They are so pretty.  And I have to say that my little digital camera did a nice job.  These are all unedited photos.  I will continue to post pictures of the garden.  Hopefully I will have so much food I will have to share.  The tomato plant is going off!  So get ready.  

I am in love!

Ever since I saw this white Peacock I have loved them more.  I think they are very beautiful.
Is this not the most amazing bird ever!  So cool.  I want it as my pet.  I like him because he is different.  Different is a good thing! What animals do you all love?  Tag your it.  

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The joys of living in a house

So I didn't really tell you what we are doing.   we had intended to buy a home of our own but thing just didn't fall into place.  So we knew we needed to get out for managing the apartments, which I still have not been replaced.  So I just told Owen lets not settle on a condo.  We know we wanted to live in a house and have a yard and garden and not have to pay HOA fees... So we decided to rent a little house and get into a routine.  A routine of paying rent and budgeting.  We seem to be doing a good job.  Don't really miss the rent money because I think it is worth every cent I pay for my peace and quite.  I am a happier person.  

Work is going well and I will begin to make more money.  Another reason to wait to buy. I wanted to be more financially stable.  Plus the market is a bit scary.  

Here is my list of joys:

  • No one knocking on my door needing me to fix something, complaining, or telling me they just don't have rent.
  • No phone calls in the middle of the night.
  • No floods to deal with.
  • No laundry room to clean up after 30 people exploded!
  • No more strangers in my house.
  • No more bank runs.
  • No more cigarette butts!
  • No more baby sitting grown adults.
What does that mean?  Freedom!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The home is where the heart is

We love our new home!  It has taken a lot of work to move and get settled.  Hard work pays off.  I long for the settling to be done and we can kick back after work.  So today was prep for our yard sale in the Morning.  I hope lots of people find us and buy our stuff.  It feels so good to get rid of old things.  I am mad at myself about keeping so much stuff that is of no use to me.  I think I need to be better about getting rid of stuff.  So I hope to turn over a new leaf.  Less is more!

Sorry for not posting lately.  I will have more time soon.  Here are some recent photos.