Sunday, December 27, 2009


As you can see Janet doesn't want to let go of Lala! We feel the same way. We ware so glad we made it out to Utah for her blessing. We just wish that we lived closer so we could be there more. She is so cute! She loves her Uncle Owen.
Olea you did such a beautiful job making her dress. Keep sewing girl! You guys are so much fun and we miss you a ton! Thanks for letting us crash with you! We owe you!!!

Jeff Decker

We got a really cool oppertunity to tour Jeff Decker's studio. He is based out of Art City ,Utah. Which is super close to Adam and Olea. Adam has meet him through his work. Jeff is a famous bronze artist. He is 1 of 2 people that are aloud the use the Harley Davidson logo in his art work. He has a wonderful Motorcycle collection which he uncovered each one and gave us a discription! He owns Elvis' old bike!!! Such a nice guy!!! We love the hot rod culture and so we are big fans of Jeff. Check out his work it is really cool.

The Foundery

My Brother-in-law works in a foundery. When we went up to visit them he gave all of his family members a tour. When we came they did a pouring of a bunch bronze sculptures. We learned about the enter proccess from start to finish. Pretty cool place. Man does it get hot in there. It is a lot of work to make a sculpture! If you ever get the chance to go jump on it!
Adam, I love your outfit! Thanks again!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! We are spending time together and with friends! We had a wonderful dinner at our friends Jim and Nelda last night! Man can Jim cook! I hope you all can step back and ponder on the reason for the season! We can not forget about Jesus! I hope as you go about your traditions that you stop and take it all in. As soon as it starts it is over! I loved seeing Owens reaction to his lepord bean bag he got! We love each of you and wish we could be with each and every one of you! Merry Christmas! OXOX Melinda and Owen

Sunday, December 13, 2009


On Sundays I can't help but to ponder on my week and get ready for the new week approaching. During this process find myself thinking how lucky I am. I just want to write it down so I can always remember how I am feeling.

I am lucky that I have a JOB. A job that I LOVE. I make people feel and look good and in turn it makes me one happy gal. I have the most amazing clients, and I am lucky because they choose me. I feel lucky to also have a Husband that is successful in his job! We went to his Christmas party last night. His employer gave everyone who invested money into their 401K a 20% match! Thank you and Merry Christmas in addition to there other bonus!

I am lucky because I have grown to have such a large network of friends. I have lived in San Diego now for over 10 years. I have made such great memories and bonds with so many people! I love my old and new friends very much!

I am lucky to have my sweet husband. Who understands me, is my biggest fan and loves me for me. He also always opens my car door, even if I am driving. Lucky!!

I feel lucky because we are living our dream! We are working hard and it is paying off. We have our first home and we are making it ours every chance we get.

At the end of my week I pray that I will always have this perspective. That I will always feel this Lucky and blessed!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Being Auntie

This is Magnus. He a 2 year old with tons of turbo energy! He is the baby. But not for long Owen's big sis Jess is having her 4th! We are hoping for a healthy baby! And if it was a girl we wouldn't frown.
This is Garland. He is named after Owen Garland and his great grandpa Garland. He is the middle boy. Every time I came over he wanted me to take his picture. "Where's your camera?" he would ask.
This is Lavender. She is Olea's first. All of Owen's sisters are in the Mom club. We flew to Utah for her blessing. She is almost 4 months. She loves he Uncle Dude!
These 3 cuties are just 3 out of my 17, soon to be 18 nieces and nephews! I love them all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who needs a Drive In anyway!

Fun in the backyard! We spend many hours out in OUR yard. We have done some much needed work. For example, The nice wood fence Owen and Matty built. Which I am so in love with! Before there was a chain link fence. Our neighbors yard is a big eye sore and they have 3 barking dogs. So to say the least I love that we can use our yard and not be barked to death. I trimmed the tree that is pictured this weekend. Before it was so over grown. Now it looks like a tree and not a bush.
On this new fence of ours we are going to paint a mural. It is shown on the fence in this photo. Owen and I traced the image and the guys are going to paint it on Thursday. It will look super cool as the fence weathers! Are you surprised that it is a bike theme image? I'm not. We love our bikes.
Today when I got home Owen was on a mission to find this cord he needed. It hooks into his iPod and then into the projector. It took a while to find but once he did it is so cool! Now we can plug in his iPod and watch the movies that he records on his iPod. We also found that it works with the iPhone. You can watch YOUTUBE (Or any video on your phone) on the projector. So who needs a Drive In anyway? We have our own in our backyard. More photos of the yard to come as we do more work!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RIP Mikey

We had MIKEY since Owen's first birthday after we where married. So over 4 years. He was just a feeder fish I got at Petsmart. We would come a kiss your finger when you feed him. He liked to be alone. He didn't like sharing his tank. Such a fun fish. He lived in the kitchen and although it is sad he is gone I am happy about having my counter back!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project Redo

Our friend Jason handed a set of four chairs down to use. The before is pretty scary!
But look at the Redo! It is so nice now that all four chairs are done and looking stylish!
I had the fabric on hand. I buy fabric sometimes and keep it for when I have a project. I bought a yard of clear vinyl and we added a bit of new foam. Some sandpaper and a couple cans of spray paint and this is what you get! I am proud of how they came out! Much better.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Best 5 Years

We have made it to the 5 year mark! This is easy. I am so lucky to have such a great marriage. THANK you for a wonderful Dinner at Mr. A's! The view was jaw dropping! And you actually surprised me:)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy birthday to Owen

We went to Mr. Tiki's Lounge for Owen's birthday. He turned 30! I can't beleive how time flies.

I Hope we have MANY more birthdays together! I love you, Bubba.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sixtyith Street 2

We love to bring to outside in with lots of house plants. Green is in!
Our small collection. The other day I was giving a haircut to a friend in the empty dinning room and he said, "Why do you have two of everything?" Owen and I couldn't stop laughing. We said , "Because they are salt and pepper shakers." To funny.
I love family photos! But I don't like them scatered everywhere so I have all our photos on one big shelf. I love the way it looks.
As many of you know we love cactus and succulents. This is my mini cactus garden that hangs in my living room. More photos to come soon.

Sixtyith Street 1

We live on a canyon. This is our backyard. Our lot is very deep and has a ton of potential!
This is the office/ guest room.
In the family room. To the right you see a pinkish room that is the dinning room. But we don't have a table so it is empty.
Kitchen we need a new stove. When that comes I will post more pics.

Zenith Zefer

I still can't believe this was given to us theis weekend! We went over to a friends house to look at a few chairs she was wanting to get rid of. We brought a dozen eggs with us from our chickens. She said she wanted some eggs for the chairs. So we get there and we didn't want the chairs so I gave her the eggs any way. She was showing us around and she said , " That is a radio from the 1930's it works, do you want it?" We said yes so fast! And in ten minutes it was in the back of our truck. Thanks Annetta!! We LOVE it!

Palm Springs -Chase Hotel

I had a Saterday off so We booked a desert get away for the weekend. After the move and working our butts off we needed a weeken to our selfs. It was HOT but so much fun. We went to dinner on Friday after checking in. Owen was super happy about the large plate of cookies at the front desk for the taking. I think he took one every time we walked by! Then on Saterday we had breakfast at the hotel and then went out shopping. Palm springs is full of Mid Century Modern so we went to drule a little. After that we went swimming in a really warm pool. Took naps and then had a massage!

We then went to dinner at Native Foods. A vegan restuarant. The food is so good! Later we went to the Dollar Theater and saw The Brothers Bloom. The next day we went to breakfast with an old friend of mine. Meet my Mom for church. After church my Mom made a very yummy dinner and my brothers and my niece came over. Justin turned 28 so we say to him and had cake! Busy but a blast we had. Monday came way to fast!

I loved the hotel. It was modern and small which I love. Plus they upgraded our room for us! Perfect weekend. Thanks Owen. I love you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We love Plain Tart and Taro!
MoM and Me:) I think she has a bigger sweet tooth then me!

Owen and I love eating out and treating ourselves to yogurt. I say it is non- fat and some of the flavors are sugar free. You then top your yogurt with all kinds of yummy toppings. But its healthy, right. Better then maybe Cold stone? Well we find ourselves and other we know there about once a week. As a minimum. So if you havn't gone yet then it's a must!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Photos I LOVE!

Time is flying by!

It been a while

I know I feel off the wagon for a minute. With the move and unpaking it has been a bit crazy. I finally feel settled. So I will try harder at posting. I am going to post pictures of the house very soon. Owen and I have both been very busy with work. We are so lucky! It is reunion wekend in Idaho and we aren't there. Is a bummer but a lot of money has gone out the last few months. So next reunion we will be there. I wish I was on the lake. This weekend is going to be a blast because my MOM is coming and I am super excited:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Look at my bare floors!  We are having them refinished!  This is after being sanded. They replaced 25 boards, making  my floor perfect! I was reluctant to spend that amount of money on one job but because of a miracle We decided to go ahead and have them done.  I think it is going to make a huge difference.  We where going to try to do it ourselves but after talking to so many people they said it is a big job and takes a long time to do on your own.  So due to lack of time, patience and energy we hired a really great guy.  If any one needs wood done Byron is your guy!  I will post pics of the finished job!

This is it.  Do you see that SOLD sign! 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Update

So We are in the hurry up and wait stage of the home buying process.  We are so close to the end.  But my loan officer says that the bank is backed up.  It's paper work.  It is a little annoying because we are trying to schedule work to begin but can't until we close.  So we found someone for a fair price to refinish the wood floors.  I am so happy.  

We are still going to try to move on the 23rd. Even though it doesn't give us as much time to paint and do some other stuff.  But we can move stuff into the Garage, Kitchen and Den. As well as the Shed.  So if the floors aren't done then that is the plan.  I am trying to avoid paying rent longer then I need to.  The house is almost packed up and should go fairly quick.  Unlike our last move.  I told Owen we are having help this time.  He agreed.

So we hope to close by Wednesday , Friday by the latest.  So keep us in your thoughts!  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Noun   Catcall:  a shrill shout or whistle expressing derision or disapproval, as of a speaker, actor, etc.

I am not fond of the catcall but twice today I was somewhat catcalled.

The first MAN shouted at me from across 5th Ave downtown, "Man your gorgeous! Keep smiling and think positive!"  So I smile back, I have to say it was nice to hear.  I think he was a little off his rocker so I just laugh and keep on my way.  

Then the second MAN wasn't so much a catcall but I thought it funny that the same thing happened to me in the same day.  So he is holding a sign, Please help, God Bless.  So I roll my window down and offer him a ziplock with peanuts in it.  He said, Thank You, Man your pretty! 
I replied, "Thank you."

So as I drove home I thought what was it about today?  Was I just around a few guys that liked a kind face or did they want to catcall me?  Or just trying to be nice?

The funniest thing is that I didn't really feel like myself today but it didn't seem to matter.
At least I now know I still got it.  Hee Hee 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo Booth

These pictures just make me laugh!  HA HA