Friday, July 18, 2008

I love to take pictures.  My sister-in law is going crazy with her mom shots and it has kinda got me focused again.  I grew up with a mother and father that always took pictures. So the need for picture taking is in my blood.  So on Jessica's blog she talked about taking close up shots.  I only have a point and shoot camera.  But I put it on a close up setting and I feel I got a good result.  I always have loved his eyes!  I think in this picture you can tell a lot.  I am so happy he looks at ME.  I am trying to challenge myself.  I want to take a class but life is crazy and time is money...  So I do what I can.  Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Malcolm Dr

I have wanted to post pics of the inside of the house for sometime.  I cleaned all day Monday and finally felt like I could show the inside.  It is a humble home but we love it.  It took a while to settle in!  Above is our tiny bedroom.  Which fits our bed and one other small narrow piece of furniture with our computer on it. 
This is the sitting area near the front of the house and leads into the dinning room.
Entry.  With my dresser.  No room in the bedroom so it works fine out there.
One of the smallest kitchens ever.  The tile is pretty bad but everything else about the house we love.  Other then the wood paneling in the drop down living room.
Melinda's Room- My closet and craft room.  Owen got the garage I get the 2nd bedroom.  We are going to have a house warming party soon.  

Worn out Welcome

We are loving our backyard and so was something else.  So we wanted to find out what was in our yard when we weren't.  Owen put a trap out and by 12:30 that night our friend was in a tight spot.  I am glad that he is gone as it loved our tomatoes as much as we did.  So now hopefully we are pest free.  The opossum is kinda cute. Owen said it didn't like ridding in the back of the pickup on its way to his new home.  I like sharing but not with him!