Friday, November 20, 2009

Being Auntie

This is Magnus. He a 2 year old with tons of turbo energy! He is the baby. But not for long Owen's big sis Jess is having her 4th! We are hoping for a healthy baby! And if it was a girl we wouldn't frown.
This is Garland. He is named after Owen Garland and his great grandpa Garland. He is the middle boy. Every time I came over he wanted me to take his picture. "Where's your camera?" he would ask.
This is Lavender. She is Olea's first. All of Owen's sisters are in the Mom club. We flew to Utah for her blessing. She is almost 4 months. She loves he Uncle Dude!
These 3 cuties are just 3 out of my 17, soon to be 18 nieces and nephews! I love them all.