Sunday, March 23, 2008

Small Miracle

This is my brother JUSTIN.

He is 2 years younger then me.  He went on a mission but after he got home he strayed from the church.  I had always hoped that he would come back and often wondered if he still had a testomony.  This week he called me up, which never happens, just to say hi!  That alone made my day.  But as we talked he told me that we went to church and how he wants to come back to church.  I chocked back tears because I didn't want him to know that I was crying.  But I was so excited.  I told him he should move to San Diego.  He said he is thinking about it.  I asked him to come visit when he could.  He said he was off Thursday and Friday.  I told him I had already talked to Eric, my other brother, an made plans for dinner on Thursday and he could join us if he wanted.  

This was a small miracle! Jay is coming back to church and that we all meet up just because! Mom would be proud!
I love you Justin!

My Savoir

I know my savior and am so glad that he has made it possible for me to rise again. Without the suffering of all this for our behalf life would be just until death. To me that is a tragic thought. For me the knowledge that I will be with Owen even after death for eternity is one of the most comforting things I know. I wish I could have the understanding of what it must have felt like for Jesus to suffer for my sins. But the truth is he suffered so that I wouldn't have to! That is the best gift anyone has ever given me! So today I hope that all of you remembered your Savior. Remembered what he means to you and thanked him for his gift.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Love Hate

I am in the HATE mode of my job here at the apartments. I have had 4 vacantcies in the last 2 months. I just rented the forth one and got another 30 day notice. It never stops. I remember the days when a move out was once in a while. But I just got almost everyone onto a new lease. So after #5 it should mellow out. I love this job don't get me wrong. It has been such a blessing. But I am going on my 9th year here. I am ready to only worry about where I live. I guess I am tired. I love all my tenants, a girl can't ask for more. So I keep telling myself, I think I can- I think I can. It always works out. This time a lot slower then I like.

It has been a bit funny. I have ads out in the paper and on the internet. I have rented 3 of my units to single black females. I had at least 10 black females come and look. And that was the only traffic I was getting. I thought it a bit strange. But all three are so cute.


This is what $7.00 can get you! Not bad. Big Lots. I never seem to find anything good there but today was the exception. I have been wanting my very own fondue pot ever since I attended a fondue party at Natalie's. So I am eager to make fondue. Anyone have a good recipe?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Robbery or Gravity

On Tuesday after work I went to the mall to get Owen a pair of chucks. While I was there he calls.

"Hi honey how are you?"
"I have some bad news for you."
"I came home and went up stairs and my heart sank because it looked liked we got robbed!"
"I came in the office and the room had exploded. I looked for the computer and it was on the floor laying on its side. I soon figured out that your shelves ripped out of the wall and pushed the computer on the floor and everything went everywhere. So you might want to come home now."
"Oh, wonderful so no robber just gravity!?"

The pictures say it all. So Owen went to Target for me and bought big plastic bins for all my scrap booking stuff. I guess that is a sign that I have to much scrap booking stuff:) I can't help it I love the stuff.