Sunday, January 13, 2008


Work is going well and I am so lucky to work there. All the people are so nice and everyone gets along! It really is a fun environment. The salon just doubled in size so I do more running around but I'm not complaining. I wasn't able to take everyone pic but I got a few and I'm sure I will ad more in the future. I am still the receptionist but I know it will pay off. The salon isn't done yet but it looks great. So now you can get a feel of the salon and who I work with.

KATIE had a birthday!

For Katie's birthday the 4 of us went out to Gulf Coast Grill. The food was really great. I think I had the best Clam chowder I've ever had there! So we always get together for dinner to celebrate our birthdays. It is always so much fun! So here are some of my favorite pics. Thanks girls for being so much fun. I think we need to have girls night out more often!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Uncle Biff's

A group of us went to Hillcrest yesterday. We went and sold cloths at the resale shops and walked around in the rain. So after getting back to the car I suggested we go by Uncle Biff's and get a cookie. Knowing how much Owen LOVES cookies. So we pull into the parking lot, park and all get out of the car and file into the cookie shop. I asked Owen what he wanted and then all of a suddent he saids "I don't want one! I am not paying $1.50 for a cookie." Then turns and gos to the car. I was so embarrassed. So I picked out which one I was going to share with my friend and everyone else got a cookie and I even picked out one for Owen. So I get in that car and asked him what the big deal was. He replied by saying," They are a rip off and I will let that cookie rot before I eat it." We went on to have a bit of a tiff about this yummy cookie that Owen hated. I couldn't understand what was so wrong with a $1.50 cookie. Owen says, "It affends me that they charge $1.50 for one cookie, There for I won't eat it.

Well, It didn't rot. And he loved it!

My Crazy Dad

I have to rant so don't mind me. I have a crazy father. I have been dealing with forever. I have always tried to make him proud but nothing is ever good enough for him. I call him and he gives me a hard time for not calling more or sooner. But yet he never calls me. So I try to keep him involved in my life by at least telling him the important stuff. For example, I got my license. That whole conversation didn't end well. He hung up on me. Which mad me very mad. How rude, right? I mean come on. How old are you? I feel like he is the child and I am the parent. Always worried if he is ok. If he got in a accident or woke up today...So for Chritmas despite us not talking I sent him a Christmas card. In my heart I knew he would send it back but at the request of my mother I went ahead and sent him one. Well I was right. It came back.

So what is a girl supposed to do. Just forget about her father... Keep putting yourself out there to get hurt? Or just go along with it. Leave him alone and just move one. Just forget about it and Him??? I guess I shouldn't care after all he has done to me but I do. I do care about him and the fact that he just isn't himself. That my dad doesn't like me for the stupidest thing. But I know I didn't do anything to him. I can sleep at night. And often wonder what he is thinking in his head. I wonder how a father can be so mean to his family and sleep at night. What makes a person so bitter at his family. His family that just loved him? I don't think I will ever know. And even if I did I don't think it will justify his behavoir.