Thursday, April 23, 2009

Noun   Catcall:  a shrill shout or whistle expressing derision or disapproval, as of a speaker, actor, etc.

I am not fond of the catcall but twice today I was somewhat catcalled.

The first MAN shouted at me from across 5th Ave downtown, "Man your gorgeous! Keep smiling and think positive!"  So I smile back, I have to say it was nice to hear.  I think he was a little off his rocker so I just laugh and keep on my way.  

Then the second MAN wasn't so much a catcall but I thought it funny that the same thing happened to me in the same day.  So he is holding a sign, Please help, God Bless.  So I roll my window down and offer him a ziplock with peanuts in it.  He said, Thank You, Man your pretty! 
I replied, "Thank you."

So as I drove home I thought what was it about today?  Was I just around a few guys that liked a kind face or did they want to catcall me?  Or just trying to be nice?

The funniest thing is that I didn't really feel like myself today but it didn't seem to matter.
At least I now know I still got it.  Hee Hee 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo Booth

These pictures just make me laugh!  HA HA


Jessica the mother of my 3 newphews and my sister in law. This is Magnus he is the Baby.
Garland in the background and Uly giving my LOVE!
We are having fun with the photo booth on my computer.  The kids loved it.
My Sweet Peas!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby to Buttons

This is MAGGIE.  We became friends yesterday.  She is so sweet!  
Aaron and Trena blessed Margaret on Sunday so we drove up to see them and our Sister Jess.  She is married to Trena's brother.  We ate great food and hung out with cool people.  
Aaron's Mom love buttons like I do.  She made this wreath. I think I have to follow in her foot steps.  She also collects honey jars.  Trena said we are best friends now!  

Hot Hot Heat

I love this tree.  It just happens to be in the front yard of our new house!  I am excited we are to close on May 14th.  I will post more pictures soon.  I have been working a lot and am grateful.  I am in the mood for Spring cleaning.  It is Spring and it is hot here today!  I closed all the windows from having them open during the night.  So I am cool inside.  We have been signing all kinds of forms.  But it is worth it.  As I am packing and purging and working... I just feel so lucky!  We have a ton of work ahead of us working in 2 houses.  

Owen and I have made plans to go and enjoy a day at the day spa after the move.  We are going to get a couples massage and do yoga and enjoy the pool.  I just keep that in my mind as the scramble beings.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dillon Road

In their element!  Jason and Owen
Even my Mom was out shooting!
Two bad Gals!

Joshua Tree

It was a boot weekend!

Taking Lots of pics.
Treasure Hunting!


Is there an item or a food that if you ran out of it the whole house would stop!  HONEY is a must in our house.  I think Owen is addicted.  It is fun to try all the different flavors of honey.  Every honey is different.  It depends of the region and what the bees have pollinated. That will give HONEY its unique taste.  I thought you might laugh at how many sources of honey we have in our kitchen.
We have honey for baking, tea, and crystalized honey.  As you can see we are in need of a refill.
Even honey still in the comb.   You just cut a piece off and eat it like candy! Yummy!

My Thrift Store Find!

Here are the funny plates I found.  I think I want to hang them in the bathroom at the new house.  If we end up in a new house.  They were to cute to pass up!  I love the creative use of rick rack.  I love old things!