Thursday, May 21, 2009


Look at my bare floors!  We are having them refinished!  This is after being sanded. They replaced 25 boards, making  my floor perfect! I was reluctant to spend that amount of money on one job but because of a miracle We decided to go ahead and have them done.  I think it is going to make a huge difference.  We where going to try to do it ourselves but after talking to so many people they said it is a big job and takes a long time to do on your own.  So due to lack of time, patience and energy we hired a really great guy.  If any one needs wood done Byron is your guy!  I will post pics of the finished job!

This is it.  Do you see that SOLD sign! 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Update

So We are in the hurry up and wait stage of the home buying process.  We are so close to the end.  But my loan officer says that the bank is backed up.  It's paper work.  It is a little annoying because we are trying to schedule work to begin but can't until we close.  So we found someone for a fair price to refinish the wood floors.  I am so happy.  

We are still going to try to move on the 23rd. Even though it doesn't give us as much time to paint and do some other stuff.  But we can move stuff into the Garage, Kitchen and Den. As well as the Shed.  So if the floors aren't done then that is the plan.  I am trying to avoid paying rent longer then I need to.  The house is almost packed up and should go fairly quick.  Unlike our last move.  I told Owen we are having help this time.  He agreed.

So we hope to close by Wednesday , Friday by the latest.  So keep us in your thoughts!