Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday the 19th was OWEN'S birthday.  So we had a party and boy did we have a fun night!  We had a taco man come and serve tacos.  We ate so much and the food was really good.  So we now are both 29!  We are getting older.  Not old just older.  I fell like I have improved with age.  

I wanted to get Owen a yummy cake but he said he didn't want one so, I got a pinata!  We all had our turns hitting the pinata and then it was Owen's turn.  We blind folded him and spun him around and with one hit he brought the pinata down.  

My Pals from work Jessica and Jason:)

We have this great tree in our backyard.  You can't help but climb it.

I had to make my famous cookies for my Man!    

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Group Dinner Date

We have made some really cool friends.  We are always doing stuff on a weekly bases.  It cool to have a little family in San Diego.  We all just have fun together!   All the guys are single but owen so I am always there with rotating girls.  It's fun to be like the mamma hen:)
 Tommy! is our buddy from the bike shop!  He loves bikes too!
                                        Brothers from other mothers!
  We walked to and from dinner.  I was nice to burn some calories.  
My favorit pic of us that night.  We are happy.  Our 4 year anniversery is later this month!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


                                      I   REMEMBER!  

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Love organic VEGGIES!

 I have to say that having a garden has been so nice.  The weather in SD is pretty much perfect for growing anything you want.  This evening we BBQ'ed and we had the first round of corn that we picked.  It was perfect.  We wrapped it in foil and put it on the bbq.  SOOO GOOD.  I picked green beens, green bell peppers and the tomatos are starting to come in!  

Update:  3 of our 5 chickens that we were told where hens turned out to be roosters:(  So we have 3 still but will be getting rid of the rooster.  So we hope to have eggs soon...