Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kick up the feet

We are getting so excited to leave on a jet plane.  We both jet time off to go up yo Washington.  Owen has made a tradition. Every other 4th of July we go to see his parents and visit old friends.  The in-laws live really close to the beach.   
This is where we are going!  Out on the Indian reservation all the Indians sell fire works for a month before the 4th.  So on the 4th is looks and sounds like we are in a war zone.  But talk about fun!!!
This is Owen's house.  He grew up here.  I love this place and the stone walkway was done by his mom.  Everywhere she went she would bring a rock home.  Look at her garden to the left.  She is the gardening Queen!  Owen woke up today and said, "it's only Wednesday."  We are sad the Jess and her family aren't coming;( And Olea and Adam...  We know you guys have new jobs and all that but we still hoped they would make it some how.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Jason Is my new buddy.   We keep the salon running smooth!  Plus anytime I have a makeup question he has my answer.
Jen- Super sweet and so much fun to work with.  We have each others backs.
Andrew - Super good lookin' and has really cool style.

These are a few of my coworkers.  I am so lucky to work with such an awesome group of people.  It really makes a big difference in my day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love our new yard as I sure you all have figured out.  My plants and cactus love it too.  Look at how many blooms are on this on cactus.  It gets these furry pods and then they grow into this long finger like flowers.  They only last a day or two so this is pretty cool.